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French Polynesia
IOTA OC-046 - DIFO FO-002

Mid-september to late January 2008

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Dxpedition in French Polynesia

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The operator review :

I was born in French department (DDFM) 10 near Troyes, I am now 34, involved in Signal Forces since 1993.
I started my carrier in 43rd transmission Corp in Metz, then in 28th in Orleans and now in Issoire, still as radiocommunication specialist.

About Ham radio

I have got my first licence "C" class in 1992 when I was 19 and I've got FC1IRO call sign with the radio club of "La Foret d'Orient" F6KJG. then I got FE5IRO in August 1994 when I was 21.

* From 1993 to 1995  I operated F5KAB radio club of the 43rd RT ;
* Since 1995, F5KIN the 28th RT radio club in Orleans then Issoire ;
* In 1997, TT8 but I didn't had time to get a call there ;
* In 2002, FR/F5IRO, Reunion Island ;
* TM6RT for the 60th anniversary of Signal Corp ;
* In 2003 TO4E, Europa Island Dxpedition team member (IOTA AF-009) 
* In 2004 FK/F5IRO, New Caledonia and,
* in 2005 FY/F5IRO and TO7R Salut Island, TM1Y pour l'IARU VHF.

I do not often work with my own call sign, I prefer Dxpedition or contest parties at radioclub station. I enjoy mainly CW and now digimodes. My next air could be the QRP DXCC CW award.

Equipment :

I bought all on my own means, without any sponsor (it is my decision). I chose a FT-857D, a "micro KEYER" from microHAM for digimodes, a paddle Bencher BY-2 and a LDG Z-11 PRO tuner. As antenna I needed something small and light to allow easy transportation, without trapp and all band. The famous fullsize G5RV was spotted. It is the like I used in FY.

The WINLOG 32 software for log and Win-Test for the contests.

73 de Freddy, FO5RU / F5IRO

Are you in the logs ?

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QSL manager : F5CQ

Rafik Djandji
Les Revergis
F-35360 La Chapelle du Lou


Crédit photos : F5IRO

FK-F5IRO_pro.jpg (87530 octets)
Freddy F5IRO
TO4E_F5IRO-2.jpg (100326 octets)
F5IRO @ TO4E (2003)
TO4E_F5IRO.jpg (95741 octets)
F5IRO @ TO4E (2003)
F5IRO_qsl2.jpg (89151 octets)
QSL F5IRO, Freddy
FR-F5IRO_qsl.jpg (71370 octets)
QSL FR/F5IRO (2002)
TO4E_QSL.jpg (69882 octets)
QSL TO4E (2003)
FK-F5IRO_qsl.jpg (63685 octets)
QSL FK/F5IRO (2004)
F5KIN_qsl.jpg (64325 octets)
TM6RT_qsl.jpg (117083 octets)
QSL TM6RT (2002)
FY-F5IRO_qsl.jpg (56908 octets)
QSL FY/F5IRO @ Cayenne (2005/2006)
TO7R_qsl.jpg (54160 octets)
QSL TO7R @ l'île du Diable (2006)
FO5RU_Freddy.jpg (80448 octets)
FO5RU, Freddy (2007)
Freddy-FO5RU_et_William-FO5JV.jpg (120446 octets)
Freddy FO5RU et William FO5JV
FO5JV_William.jpg (93507 octets)
FO5JV, William à sa station
FO5JV_antennes.jpg (84672 octets)
FO5JV antennes

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